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There are a lot of people searching the internet for a cheap maid service. What exactly is a person looking for in a cheap maid service? Most often, cheap simply means the maid service will provide fewer services. For instance, maybe the only thing their service provides is vacuuming, and does not include dusting, toilet cleaning, mopping, and window cleaning.

In most cases, cheap means less. So maybe there are some things that you can ask a prospective maid service:

1. What services do they actually provide for the maid service price quote they provided you (vacuuming, window cleaning, dusting, laundry, mopping, and dish cleaning).

2. Does the maid service work for any of your neighbors? If so, watch them work, inspect their work, and talk directly to your neighbor. Not only does it provide you an opportunity to be a friendly neighbor, you will get some good information. You can find out how much they charge (and compare it to the quote they provided you). Among other things, you can also find out if they are punctual and reliable.

3. Does the contractor have a license to do business in your community? Many maid services do not require a professional license, but they may need a business license to operate their company.

Let us help you find a maid service that a) provides the services you want, and 2) charges a reasonable price for their services. In the end, you want to be happy. Also, if a contractor is not appropriately compensated for the work they provide, the end result is not typically going to be a good one. Either the contractor is going to do less than you want in an attempt to “make a little money” (which leads to you not being happy) or the contractor is going to stop working for you.

Let us help match you to a maid service in your area.
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Receive free cost estimates from cleaning services, maids, powerwashing services, gutter cleaning, and more...
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